Bumblebee ranges in size from 11–22 mm. They are covered with dense hair over the whole body and are larger and chonkier than the honey bee.

Bumblebees are a social species and live in colony sizes of approximately 50–60 bees which is much smaller compared to honeybee colony size.

I remember the first time I spotted a bumblebee at a garden party in London. I couldn’t believe how big and fuzzy it was. Slowly bobbing along from flower to flower getting covered in pollen and seemingly without a care in the world, so cute!

The heart is cut from copper and has numerous layers of enamel glass that is kiln fired at 800 degrees celsius. The bee is hand painted and fired several times to give a glossy finish. The setting is made from sterling silver and comes with a 45cm /18″ sterling chain.

The heart measures approx 23mm high x 24mm wide, the citrine gem measures 6 x 8mm.

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