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The Swing Mini Painting


“Solitude”, inspired by those that work, live or exist alone.

Hand painted with numerous layers of vitreous enamel and fired several times at 800 degrees celcius to form the final solidified glass. This piece reminds me of a swing near to my Grandmothers house that I was always to scared too go on as a child. It was right next to a thick, dark, creepy marsh, the tree is still there but the swing no longer is.

This collection is made to order, choose your painting and either have it made into a sterling silver ring or pendant on a 18″ sterling silver chain. Please note the paintings have not been set into the jewellery yet, they are just sitting in the settings so they will look neater when properly set. The pendants measure 20mm high x 15mm wide.

The items will take aprox 4 weeks to complete after purchase.


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