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The High Priestess

The High Priestess is the Spiritual Centre and the energetic force of her Coven. First and foremost she must be a healer. She offers emotional, spiritual and mental healing. Quite often you will find that a High Priestess works in a caring profession in her daily life. Her main role is to provide guidance to the members of the coven as they journey on their own spiritual path. She is generally (but not always) considered a crone. She is a woman who leads others to find their truth. She is supportive and never judgemental, especially where it pertains to her members journeys.

The hearts are cut from copper and have numerous layers of enamel glass that is kiln fired at 800 degrees celsius. The witch is hand painted and fired several times. The setting is made from sterling silver and comes with a 45cm /18″ sterling chain.

The pendant measures approx 55mm (2 1/4″) high from the top of the hand to the bottom of the gemstone x 28mm (1″) wide. The gemstone is onyx.

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