Skull and Coffin pendant

My new collection is inspired by a chapter from one of my favourite books by Neil Gaiman, “The Graveyard Book”.
There’s a particular chapter called Danse Macabre that describes a scene in which the spirits are leaving their graveyard to dance with the living. It represents the struggle to leave the people you love, the sorrow of being left behind, all that which is unfinished and the magical chance to meet again. Through dance, we pass through sorrow and grief, in search of what is needed to move on in life, or into the great beyond.

This siamese skull necklace represents the skeletons coming forth to play their musical instruments, dance with the living and return once the crow sings its song at sunrise. There are many religious icons present in artworks depicting the Danse Macabre which is why I have added the cross, the spider symbolises weaving your own destiny. Set with two faceted garnets that have a display of natural inclusions and imperfections complimenting the rustic theme of the collection.

Made from sterling silver, the pendant it 31mm wide and 48mm high, the entire necklace measure 45cm/18″ long and is ready to ship.