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Shakti Necklace

In Hindu philosophy, the vagina symbolises the formation of humanity and the embodiment of life itself. The Hindu goddess Shakti represents the divine and cosmic energy from which we are all created.

The ancient Indian text, the Devimahatmaya, from 16 centuries ago, identified the womb as floating in the middle of the ocean, extending through the sky to bring down creative power to the earth below. The Divine Mother and her boat of a vagina are considered the centre of the universe.

In Sumerian hymns that praised women as goddesses, the vulva was often called “a boat of heaven,” a vessel meant to carry all the most wonderful gifts from heaven down to the mortals.

Hand crafted from sterling silver, all of the items have been individually cut, ensuring no two items are ever exactly a like.

The pendant measure 45mm wide x 35mm high and comes with an 18″ sterling chain.

Ready to ship in a gift box.



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