Maleficent & Diaval

Maleficent first appeared as an evil fairy and self proclaimed ‘Mistress of all Evil’ in Sleeping Beauty. She was reinvented in 2014 as as a good-hearted but tragic fairy who protects the Moors, a realm full of supernatural beings from humans. Her constant companion is Diaval, a black raven (previously Diablo in Sleeping Beauty)

Diaval pledged to be Maleficent’s servant after she saved his life. Maleficent transformed Diaval into various creatures, including a human, wolf, horse and dragon, but she used him mostly to be her wings, since she no longer had hers.

Hand crafted from sterling silver and onyx. Maleficent measures approx 70mm high x 45mm wide, Diaval measures approx 25mm high x 20mm wide, the entire necklace is 19.5″ / 49cm long. It’s lightweight and very comfy to wear.

Ready to ship in a gift box.