Kali Pendant Silver

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Kali Symbology
Kali is the Goddess of time and change. She is the power of action, breath and transformation.
Kali has 3 eyes, they represent the sun, moon, and fire, she sees past, present and future. Her sword represents the annihilation of ignorance and the emergence of wisdom. The skulls signifies human ego which must be slain by divine knowledge. Kali Yantra contains the transformative energy of change.

All of the items on the design have been individually created from sterling silver, no two items are ever exactly a like.

The pendant measures approx 38mm/1 1/2″ high and 22mm/ 1″ wide.

Made to order, manufacturing times approximately 3 weeks. If you have specific gemstones in mind for this design, please contact me for a quote. 

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Additional information

Trishul gemstone


3rd eye gemstone

garnet, white sapphire

Choker gemstone

garnet, white sapphire