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Georgian Tooth Ring size 6 3/4

Setting real teeth into jewellery became popular in 1847 after Queen Victoria was gifted her daughters first milk tooth set in a gold and enamel thistle brooch.

The tooth has been hand painted in vitreous enamel and kiln fired at 800 degrees celsius. Vitreous enamel paint is made of finely ground up coloured glass which melts, flows, and then hardens to a smooth, durable vitreous coating. The word comes from the Latin vitreum, meaning “glass”. The image took several layers of paint with a firing in-between each one to gradually build up the final picture.

The setting has been inspired by Georgian jewellery of the time, the painting measures 16mm wide and 20mm high. The ring is made from sterling silver, a size 6.75 very comfy and ready to ship in a gift box.

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