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Flower earrings

In the Victorian era, flowers were used to send silent messages. If a flower was handed with the right hand it meant ‘yes’, while the left hand meant ‘no’.

Social etiquette imposed restrictions on what could be expressed directly, so people used flowers to flirt and send secret messages. ‘Le Langage des Fleurs’, the first dictionary to explain the meanings behind various flowers, was published in 1819 in Paris. It introduced a code which became extremely popular with the middle and upper classes of Victorian society.

The flowers I painted in these earrings are buttercups, inspired by a Victorian wallpaper pattern I came across. Buttercups were associated with humility and the sweetness of childhood.

Hand made from sterling silver, the earrings feature hand painted vitreous enamel flowers and are set with two onyx briolettes. They are very light and comfy to wear, they weigh 6.95 grams and measure aprox 65mm long.


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