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Serpens constellation lies in the northern hemisphere. Its name means “The Serpent” in Latin and dates back to Babylonian times.

In Greek mythology, Serpens represents a snake held by Asclepius, the hero and god of medicine and healing.

Asclepius once maimed a snake but it was resurrected after a second snake placed a revival herb on it to bring it back to life. Legend says Asclepius went on to revive humans using the same technique he witnessed.

Serpents represent fertility and a creative life force. They shed their skin every year and re-emerge, they are symbols of re-birth, transformation, immortality, and abundance.

Created from sterling silver and set with a high grade Lightning Ridge crystal pipe opal. The length of the ring is 50mm from the tip of the nose to the curve in the tail. It’s very comfy and easy to wear, will fit a size 8-9 US.

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