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Chibi Totoro

Chibi = Mini.

Totoros are a mixture of several animals: fukuro 梟 ふくろ (owls), neko 猫 ねこ (cats), and tanuki 狸 たぬき (raccoon dogs).

Chibi Totoro is the smallest of the Totoro. He is quick, agile and has a bird like tail and feet. He also has the ability to become invisible and scurry off into the forest. He likes to hold a leaf over his head to protect himself from the rain, he is 1302 years old.

Hand painted in vitreous enamel and set in sterling silver with a gorgeous green Kyanite. The pendant measures 20mm high x 15mm wide and the gemstone is 8x5mm, it comes on a 50cm sterling silver chain and is ready to ship.

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Out of stock