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Cathedral Window Nosferatu

“Fear keeps us focused on the past or worried about the future.”
Thich Nhat Hanh

Fear can be a great motivator, it can also have a paralysing effect. I tend to procrastinate, which is said to be a fear of failure. I guess that makes sense, if you don’t start something you won’t ever fail at it.

This window has the point of view of looking inside/inward, what fears do you harbour, what monsters have you created for yourself?
Hand painted image of Nosferatu from the silent film Nosferatu a Symphony of Horror, 1922.

The window scene is cut from copper and has numerous layers of enamel glass that is kiln fired at 800 degrees celsius. Nosferatu is hand painted and fired several times to give a glossy finish. The setting is made from sterling silver and comes with a 45cm /18″ sterling chain.

The pendant measures approx 50mm (2 1/4″) high and 24mm (1”) wide.

USD $350

Out of stock