Meg Lofts

Designer. Silversmith

Folklore, fables, mythology, magical creatures and secrets of the unknown. My obsession with the mystical started as a child after I was gifted an illustrated book called “Out of this World”. So many stories and creatures entwined with nature had me seeking out these magical beings in the Australian bush. I’m am still enamored with all that is unknown and love to bring this out in my work.

Each item is individually hand crafted in my studio using recycled sterling silver and natural, ethically sourced gems. My Australian Boulder opals come from various mines throughout Australia, Koroit being a favourite. I source Turquoise directly from miners in the USA and regularly travel to Jaipur in India to select my gemstones.

I am currently in my 3rd and final year of a Jewellery Manufacturing Certification at Enmore Design Centre in Sydney.